A smart dolly platform with tracking functions for people and goods.

The first such platform available globally! An electric powered utility kart that is designed to carry people or goods and can be programmed to follow designated route via smart phone. Install a sensor package and it becomes a trekking vehicle to follow or lead the owner. This kart can be fitted with variety of carrying options. Welcome to configure U-Kart with options and extend its function!


  • Powerful utility cart for multi-purpose
  • Remote control, Unique follow/march mode
  • Compact size and high mobility
  • Module for Co-development


  • Dimensions : L75 cm x W60 cm x H80 cm
  • Weight : 10 kg (Without Battery)
  • Motor : Dual BLDC motors total 500 watts
  • Maximum Loading : 150 kg
  • Battery : Li-ion 36V 6.6AH
  • Maximum slope : 6 degrees (150 kg load)